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What's performance-dependent payment?

What is an advertiser?

Are there any restrictions on which advertisers can apply?

After signing Contact s, can advertisers conduct advertising immediately?

While advertising, how do I connect with site owners (publishers) on LinkHaitao Network?

After becoming a LinkHaitao advertiser, what does performance in a given month look like?

How do I submit payment for advertising?

What is a LinkHaitao Network Member?

How can I join the LinkHaitao Network?

Do members need to pay the membership fee?

When to begin advertising after registration?

How can I check my advertising performance?

What does Return Days (RD) mean?

When will the advertisers check results and promotional performance?

When will the Network members receive remuneration?

What is taxation rate of Remuneration?

When to submit invoices and relevant information?

Is there any withdraw limit and currency requirements?