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Chinese Valentine's Day: Qixi Festival

Gloria | 2023-08-21

The Qixi Festival, also called as Chinese Valentine's Day, falls on August 22, 2023. Most people are already busy shopping for gifts for their loved ones to celebrate the occasion. Choosing the perfect gift may be an epic challenge, but don't worry! We are here to inspire you with some of the best gifts and product selections from some LinkHaitao partner merchants.


Beauty Gift Sets: Makeup, Skincare, & Fragrance
After considering various factors, here we share three reputable merchants that offer a wide range of beauty gift sets. You can get the right beauty gift quickly at a discounted price.


1. Philosophy: High-Performance yet Gentle Products
Philosophy is devoted to creating high-performance yet gentle products that are suitable even for sensitive skin. Consumers can purchase skin care products, bath and body collections, and fragrances at its website. Their charming gift sets are sure to be loved by the ladies!


2. Estee Lauder: Worldwide Reputation + Free Gift-Wrapping
Estee Lauder is a technology-advanced, innovative company that has gained a worldwide reputation for elegance, luxury, and superior quality of its products. The company offers customers skincare, makeup, and fragrance products that are both gentle and highly effective. Gift sets are available for these different categories, helping you make the perfect choice when shopping. The sets come with a free luxe gift box to make your present even more special.


3. Lookfantastic: Special Beauty Gift Sets+ Gift Guides
LOOKFANTASTIC is the leading online premium beauty platform in Europe, carrying a wide range of products from numerous renowned brands. They curate a special selection of beauty gift sets – well-being kits, designer fragrances, cult makeup formulas, and more. They also provide comprehensive gift guides available on the website to help shoppers make decisions effortlessly. 


Jewelry Gifts
Jewelry pieces can perfectly represent stories of love. For example, the shape of a wedding ring is known to symbolize endless love. Giving jewelry to a lady on Qixi is a great way to show your love. The following three merchants are dedicated to making jewelry available to everyone at a good price.


1. Argento: Fast Delivery and Free Engraving
Argento carries a selection of popular jewelry and watch brands, including Swarovski, Pandora, Ted Baker, Olivia Burton, and more! They aim to provide jewelry for all occasions at affordable prices. Choose the most memorable gift for your loved one and enjoy fast delivery and free engraving services.


2. Hillberg & Berk: Fashion Jewelry for Women
Hillberg & Berk is a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of fashion jewelry. The company is committed to providing quality designs that fit every client’s bold lifestyle. Their jewelry is designed to embody the boldness and brilliance within every woman. We highly recommend their elegant pieces. Go shopping for the perfect gift with their online gift guides.


3. Welry: Wide Selection of High-Quality Jewelry
Welry is on a mission to become customers' ultimate online jewelry destination. Welry's craftsmanship, expertise, and quality products provide them the opportunity to offer customers discovery, choice, and finely curated, high-quality selections at affordable prices! 


Beauty and Jewelry are the top categories when it comes to sweet, romantic gifts for Qixi Festival. The abovementioned merchants frequently offer higher commission rates to affiliates. Watch out for updates on ongoing promotions in time for Qixi Festival.

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