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LinkHaitao & Go City Launch Innovative Travel Pass System on WeChat

Attention advertisers in the travel space! Here's a game-changer for reaching global tourists: LinkHaitao has joined hands with Go City, a world-famous tourist attraction pass provider, to launch a WeChat mini-program distribution system to help upgrade global travel experiences. This partnership offers a powerful new way to promote your travel services through a newly launched WeChat Mini-Program distribution system.

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Cultivating Long-Term Partnerships with Brands: A Guide for Affiliates and Publishers

Brands are increasingly seeking long-term partnerships with affiliates and publishers – individuals and platforms that can offer sustained value beyond a single campaign. This shift benefits everyone involved. Brands gain access to consistent brand advocacy, while affiliates and publishers secure reliable income and a chance to build deeper connections with their audience.

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Cookieless Tracking and the Future of Affiliate Attributions

Third-party cookies, those workhorses of ad tracking, are facing a well-deserved sunset. Driven by privacy concerns and regulations like GDPR, browsers like Chrome and Safari are phasing them out. This shift presents a challenge: how will advertisers and brands attribute conversions accurately in a cookieless world, particularly within affiliate marketing?

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Independence Day 2024: Celebrate the 4th of July with Exclusive Merchant Offers

LinkHaitao has once again partnered with some of the hottest brands for our Independence Day 2024 event to bring you exclusive deals and offers that are perfect for summer shopping. And the best part? As a LinkHaitao member, you can promote these offers and earn up to a whopping 70% revenue share – just in time for the holiday weekend! Here's a quick rundown of our featured merchants and their sizzling Fourth of July offers: Don’t miss out on these incredible deals and the chance to boost your earnings!

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The Future of Voice Search and Affiliate Marketing

Online marketing is abuzz with the ever-growing popularity of voice search. Virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are going beyond dimming the lights and playing music – they're fundamentally changing how consumers research and purchase products. Advertisers, take note: affiliate marketing is poised for a voice-driven revolution, and those who adapt will reap the rewards.

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Exploring Creative Content Formats to Engage Your Audience

Standing out from the competition and keeping your audience engaged is crucial towards the success of your affiliate marketing programs. With so much content vying for attention, it might benefit your brand to explore various creative formats that would captivate your audience and drive conversions.

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