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LinkHaitao Now Listed as a Google-Certified Click Tracker

LinkHaitao | 2023-10-12

LinkHaitao, a comprehensive affiliate management platform, is now officially a certified Google click tracker. Advertisers who are on the list of Google’s certified click trackers meet strict standards for tracking clicks on Google Ads campaigns.

Google updated its click tracker services policy in August 2023 with the primary goal to enhance the security of click tracking services, particularly in the context of  malicious Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ads.

Under this new policy, advertisers utilizing tracker links in their ad campaigns are required to use certified click trackers within Google Ads' Tracking Template feature and they must also specify the advertiser's domain as a parameter. This update is designed as an added layer of security against dishonest affiliates who have, in the past, employed deceptive click trackers to manipulate their performance metrics.

Google evaluates companies based on various factors, including the accuracy and reliability of their click tracking data, their security measures, and their compliance with Google's click tracking policies.

LinkHaitao's certification demonstrates our company's commitment to transparency, quality, and ethical marketing practices. It also strengthens our position as a trusted partner for advertisers and publishers who are looking for a reliable and effective way to track the performance of their online marketing campaigns.

We are excited to be offering this added assurance to help our advertising partners simplify the process of measuring Google Ads campaign performance and empower them to make well-informed marketing decisions. 

Working with LinkHaitao as a certified click tracker ensures that our advertisers are following Google's click tracking policies. This means our partners avoid compliance issues and ensure that their campaigns keep running smoothly.

Why Use LinkHaitao

LinkHaitao offers several benefits to advertisers and publishers who use it as a certified click tracker. These benefits include:

Accuracy and reliability

LinkHaitao uses state-of-the-art technology to track clicks on Google Ads campaigns. This ensures that advertisers and publishers have access to accurate and reliable data about the performance of their campaigns.


LinkHaitao takes security very seriously. We employ consistent measures and do regular reviews to protect our partners’ data from unauthorized access, theft, and loss.


LinkHaitao is fully compliant with Google's click tracking policies. This gives advertisers and publishers peace of mind knowing that their campaigns are running in accordance with Google's requirements.

Comprehensive features

LinkHaitao offers a comprehensive suite of features and tools for tracking and managing affiliate marketing campaigns. These features include conversion tracking, cross-device tracking, and fraud prevention.

Being a certified Google click tracker delivers great value for both LinkHaitao and its clients. The platform remains at the forefront of the affiliate marketing industry, offering reliable and secure click tracking services that are in line with the highest standards.

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing and initiatives like these are crucial for building trust and ensuring the integrity of digital marketing campaigns. LinkHaitao stays committed as a client-focused company that consistently delivers exceptional results.

Know more about LinkHaitao and our click tracking services. Email us at

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